How do you cope with life?

How do you cope with life?

Chatting with Kimberley over coffee last week we came to realise that her real skill is in helping people cope with life.   I’ve talked with many of you about the ups and downs of life over the years and it occurred to me that you might find Kimberley’s skills useful.  Her own experience and the variety of training that she has undertaken gives her a better understanding than many people in this area.  As a result she has a number of strategies she can share to help you manage common problems associated with today’s society.  These problems take many forms, such as stress, emotional overeating, comfort eating, lack of confidence, worrying about little things, being unable to relax, sleeping problems or just feeling lost.

Kimberley can help you with any of these feelings using techniques as varied as coaching, counselling, self-defence and exercise.

She works most days including weekends and early mornings so do get in touch to see how she could help you.
Kimberley is based in Warwick but does work using Skype so she can help people who cannot get into central Warwick.

Emotional Overeating

What is Emotional Overeating?
Emotional Overeating is a condition in which your desire to consume food is linked to your emotional state.  You turn to food in difficult times and lose control of how much you eat.

Could you be an Emotional Overeater?
Do you eat more than you would like?Do you turn to food at times of stress?Have you tried a number of different diets, which have all, ultimately failed to help?Are you ashamed of your own body?

If you can not categorically answer NO to all these questions then you may be suffering from an
Emotional Overeating Disorder.

Where can you get help?

There are specialists working to help people overcome Emotional Overeating.
Kimberley Warwick has an Emotional Overeating Disorder herself, and has it under control, so she can help you do the same.

Kimberley has some answers as to why people can’t or won’t change their behaviour to improve their health
There is a reason why people overeat. Together you will identify the individual reason why you turn to food and lose control. Once you understand the reasons you can work to find coping strategies.

There is no cure for this condition but with expert help and support, Emotional Overeating can be kept under control.

Want to know more?

Kimberley practises at The Studio Warwick and by Skype across the UK.
She offers telephone consultations and email support.
Get in touch with her, or ask me to put you in touch.
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