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The Studio Back Pain Clinic including "Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs"

Based on a clinically proven successful trial by York University.

What is the "Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs" Programme

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Back discomfort is a common problem. Now there is an innovative evidence-based way to improve back health and function. The ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ programme, gently and progressively, aims to help people get back to being more active again.

The Research that Used this Specific Yoga.
The University of York (Department of Health Sciences) ran one of the largest yoga research studies, funded by Arthritis Research UK. Teachers from IYA(UK) and British Wheel of Yoga designed and ran specialised 12-week courses in five areas of the UK. The positive results showing it to be safe and effective were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine (‘Yoga for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomised Trial’ H. Tilbrook, 2011).
The Cost Evaluation in the Journal Spine (LH Chuang, 2012) showed it to be cost-effective for the NHS, society and the workplace.
A social enterprise has since been set up to allow more people to benefit from the same yoga programme used in this randomised controlled trial.

Learn Self-Management Skills
Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs encourages you to learn life long skills to improve health. First ask your GP whether this gentle, evidence-based, specially-modified yoga course is appropriate for you. Then you can enjoy helping yourself with this yoga ‘toolkit’, as many others have.

Yoga Class Format
The 12 x 75 minute class course comprises easy foundational yoga poses. Props such as a yoga block, blanket or belt are used to aid effectiveness and ensure absolute comfort.

Why ‘YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs?
You know exactly what you will get – the same yoga, taught in the same way, according to the same educational materials, as in the research itself. No need to wait until your next back episode recurs, before starting the course. The course is designed to give you long-term benefits. You will be taught to bring postural improvements, mental focus and relaxation techniques into your daily life. In the research, benefits were still found a year after starting the yoga. Nine months after their 12-week course had finished, the majority of the research trial’s yoga group were still practising yoga at home
approx. 30 minutes twice a week
Expect to pay more for these therapeutic classes than for general yoga classes because they are taught in smaller groups, but with its educational, single course, self-management approach, ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ is considered to be cost-effective.

Workplace Yoga
Yoga can reduce absenteeism. Our research showed days off work reduced by approx 70% over a year from this single 12-week course. Employers can subsidise these courses or allow time off work to attend for improvement of your health and wellbeing. This holistic course is designed to address stress-management, an increase in physical activity, and other positive outcomes additional to lower back health.

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What is The Studio Back Pain Clinic?

At The Studio we have many years experience of helping people reduce their back pain with exercise and hands on therapy.
We look at a range of research to find the best way to achieve a long lasting result.

Our findings are these:
  • When offering exercise as a solution the most effective way to achieve a positive longterm result is through a group supervised programme.
  • Home exercise is easiest to do when you have a video to follow.
  • You will forget the theory of why specific exercises are recommended so a reminder is essential.
  • Understanding exactly why you have pain and what you can do about it helps reduce the level of pain
  • Long sessions are not as easy to attend as the standard 60min format

We have combined the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs with our findings to offer The Studio Back Pain Clinic:
  • A weekly clinic comprising Education, Exercise and Relaxation
  • Some weeks include a presentation about an area of back pain, looking at causes, solutions and anatomy.
  • Exercises from the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Programme are taught each week with the most relevant chosen for the group.
  • Relaxation is included as we understand this to be an essential part of back pain management.
  • Online support gives you video of the presentations from the clinic, exercises and guided relaxations.
  • Recognising that people have busy lives, while regular attendance is encouraged, it is not essential to attend every week.
  • We appreciate that relaxation may be new for many people with back pain so have short guided relaxations to introduce the concept slowly.

The full YHLB course is the 12 week course but we appreciate that this won't suit everyone so offer the following options. Booking ahead is recommended as the class size is limited to 5 participants. We have seen the best results with those who start with the 12 week block and continue on a regular basis after that.

  • Single sessions: £15
  • Block of 5: £60
  • Block of 12 including Manual, CD and Band or Yoga Block and Home exercise pack (not available separately): £200
  • Manual: £20
  • Relaxation CD: £15
  • Exercise Band: £5
  • Yoga Block: £10
  • Online support: £10 monthly or FREE whilst attending on a block
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