Techniques and Specialisations

Areas of study, qualification and capability that can be found at The Studio.


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At The Studio we are very keen, and interested,to stay abreast of the latest developments in the understanding of human fitness. These days the impact of the brain on the body is becoming an area of significance and it is important to consider the mental side of any of our activities. In this way we are able to maximise the benefit of all our services.
We have listed here most of the techniques in which we are qualified, together with a brief synopsis. If you would like to see more detailed information on any of the techniques listed, just click the one in which you are interested.
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This is a light, gentle, flowing, rhythmic massage. You could benefit you if you suffer Swelling (oedema), Headaches, Sinus congestion, Sprains or Digestive disorders.
A technique not offered by many therapists but which is gaining a reputation for giving the benefit of sport massage with a much more gentle approach.
A Deep Tissue Massage is generally not as painful as a sport massage because it uses more gentle soft tissue techniques to gain a similar result. It is usually combined with Myofascial Release techniques as well as Swedish Massage to be relaxing as well as beneficial.
Sports Massage is a deep form of soft tissue massage, used ultimately to enhance your physical performance, through improved flexibility, recovery and muscle condition.
Most of us are walking around with less than perfect postures although we may be quite fit and healthy. We may not be feeling any pain but could be building up problems for the future. Anne has a new approach to alleviating these issues by addressing the root causes rather than treating any symptoms.
Functional training has its origins in rehabilitation. Exercises were developed to mimic patients' normal activities. It is concerned with giving people the level of fitness that they need to cope with their normal every day life, ensureing that we exercise the muscles we use in our life, to the level required.
Biomechanics is the study of living organisms and how they move in mechanical terms. In relation to people, biomechanics helps us understand why certain movements may be awkward or cause pain, or allows us to improve sports performance. We use elements of Biomechanics in almost all of our treatments and classes, as well as providing specific Biomechanical advice and exercises.
The treatment can be either stand alone or combined with other forms of massage. The muscles of the shoulder and neck are kneaded and stretched. This relieves pain and discomfort and improves shoulder joint mobility. In addition a series of gentle soothing movements are applied to the head neck and shoulders. This helps the muscles (and you) relax, effectively relieving stress and anxiety.
Anne has specialised in the treatment of back pain in general and lower back pain specifically. Although it may not be possible to cure the problem, it is usually possible to manage the situation for a positive effect.
Hot Stone Massage accentuates the usual benefits of other massage treatments through the use of hot smooth basalt stones. Although the massage is not designed to be a deep tissue treatment the effect is up to four times deeper than a normal swedish massage. By using hot stones any relaxation effect is also heightened.
These classes are specifically designed for the femail body. They work on the areas which tend to be either too weak or too strong and which can cause problems at anytime from pregnancy through to menopause and beyond.
The ante and postnatal period sees your body changing enormously and the exercise you do must take account of these changes. Many exercises that you find in standard classes can be uncomfortable, or even dangerous during pregnancy. Also the effects of stress and strain of birth on your body need careful and specialised treatments to allow it to recover as quickly and completely as possible.
As we get older our bodies deteriorate in a various ways. Our ability to balance gets worse, it takes us longer to recover from injury and we tend to lose muscle mass (strength) . to name but a few of these effects. We can provide a tailored exercise regime for older people which is associated with our functional fitness discipline.
Scent provokes powerful feelings; it can transport us back to special memories, calm, uplift and bring balance. Aromatherapy uses only natural oils that are absorbed directly into the skin, providing relief from stress, tension and many other physical and emotional symptoms.
This type of taping is quite different to the usual "support" taping that most people have come across. You can see it being used more and more in many forms of professional sport. It is a specific type of tape applied in a very specific way. Depending on the application, it can help with strains and sprains, it can help deal with swelling and alleviate general aches and pains, or it can provide a boost to an athlete performance.