Funtional Fitness - Fit For Life

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Functional training has its origins in rehabilitation. Exercises were developed to mimic patients' normal activities. This optimised the time it took them to return to their lives, following injury or surgery.

Functional Fitness is concerned with giving people the level of fitness that they need to cope with their normal every day life.
For example; if you are not a gymnast, why train for extreme flexibility? However, you do need to be able to reach your feet to tie your laces, which is often a cause of back injury. We concentrate on those capabilities that you will use every day, core stability and subsequently more specific exercises e.g. for parents to combat back problems from lifting or carrying their children.

For many people Functional Fitness is simply about getting the most out of life despite injury, illness and ageing.

Anne is specifically trained to help in these areas working to ensure that you are 'fit for life for all of your life'.