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This is a light, gentle flowing rhythmic massage. It promotes the optimal functioning of the lymphatic system by manually stimulating the flow triggering of the receptors in the walls of the lymph system. This facilitates the removal of excess water, toxins and unwanted bacteria from the tissues. Lymphatic Drainage massage relaxes the nervous system, reduces pain and enhances the immune system.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage will benefit you if you have;
Swelling (oedema)
Sinus congestion
Digestive disorders.

It is particularly effective pre and post-surgery to remove tissue congestion and minimise scar formation.

Why does the Lymphatic system need stimulation?

We frequently have a poor lymphatic system function. This is due to the stress of everyday life, a diet of highly processed foods and sedentary lifestyle.
Combine this with a low fluid intake and the lymphatic system becomes sluggish with more waste product and less energy.

A treatment can improve energy levels, increase oxygenation of the cells with increased nourishment, help with detoxification (elimination of waste products) and build immunity.

A treatment feels wonderfully relaxing and can include some Indian Head Massage and Myofascial Release Techniques to enhance the result. It can be done on bare skin or through clothing. If you have significant swelling within tissues the result can be instant.