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Do you suffer from recurrent pain or stiffness in the shoulders, neck or back?

It is often the case that this is caused by a postural imbalance.

Anne has pioneering a new approach to alleviating these issues by addressing the root causes rather than treating the symptoms.

Most of us are walking around with less than perfect postures although we may be quite fit and healthy. We may not be feeling any pain but could be building up problems for the future.

The postural imbalances may cause stiffness and/or pain which we accept as normal or part of the ageing process. Any length of time we spend in one position, for example, at a desk, using a computer, or driving a vehicle, can exacerbate these aches and pains.

These symptoms may be relieved by a massage or visit to a chiropractor but often recur. Postural assessment and correction may provide a long term solution. It is based on small changes to daily habits and regular tailored exercises. The exercises are small, simple, quick to perform and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

All our programmes follow the ‘best practise’ recommendations of The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). We often take referrals from Chiropractors or Physiotherapists and work closely with these and other practitioners to give you the best possible results

An initial assessment will identify any stiffness, weaknesses or imbalances you may have. Then further targeted strength and flexibility testing will refine these findings. Exercises are prescribed to correct or limit the cause of the imbalances. It is essential that exercises are performed regularly and we provide weekly short sessions to check on progress.

Current research indicates that exercise is the key to prevention and limitation of back pain. We offer tailored exercise solutions which are achievable and deliver results.