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Sports Massage used during training is a deep form of soft tissue massage, used ultimately to enhance the performance of the athlete, through:
• Improved flexibility
• Improved recovery
• Improved muscle condition
All these elements combine to improve the consistency of training, and allow you to increase the duration of your exercise routine.
These benefits are achieved by highlighting and treating with massage:
• Areas of muscular tension.
• Locations of scar tissue, knots and adhesions
A Sports Massage from a qualified and experienced Therapist can also provide you with:
• Improved circulation
• Improved removal of waste products
• Assists in healing / rehabilitation process.
By using a qualified Sports Massage Therapist on a regular basis, muscular knots, adhesions, scar tissue, muscular tension and imbalance can be treated immediately, limiting the development of chronic problems. This will aid in the consistency and longevity of your training and could ultimately aid in your enhanced performance potential as an athlete, whatever your level.